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Instructions for Searching the Microfilm Archives Research and Security System (MARSS)

Information about microfilm listed in the MARSS can be obtained using several search options located at the link below. Search options include department (state agency or county name), division (the division within the department or the county office), record description or title, and dates. The department and division names are included in drop down menus. If you do not know the department you need, or desire a broader search, you can select “All Departments” and “All Divisions” which are the default search categories. Use “Description” to search for a record title or keyword. A range of dates can be entered to narrow the time period of your search.

To narrow a search to newspapers, select the “Is Newspaper” option on the right side of the search form. Enter a date range to limit your search results. The newspapers are not indexed. The information in the description field is limited to the title of the newspaper. If you do not know the exact title of a newspaper, you can enter the county name under “Department” to obtain a list of papers published in that county.

If a restriction on a record advises you to see an archivist, you can obtain more information about the restriction by calling 307-777-7826 and asking to speak to a Reference Archivist, or writing wyarchive@state.wy.us. Other restrictions may require you to contact the agency that created the record for more information.

When ordering a copy of a roll of microfilm, please include the department and division names, record title, and roll number in your request.

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